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Network and Support
Adversity-Driven Advocates

A2A is creating the world’s largest network of “adversity-driven advocates”–individuals who have successfully turned a personal challenge into service to others with similar challenges. In support of their outreach, we use A2A resources to connect our Alliance members and promote their work through traditional media, social media, and transmedia channels. We are also developing programs to provide our Alliance members advocacy education and logistics support.

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Provide Pathways
to Advocacy

The common passion uniting all of our Team A2A members is a commitment to helping others help themselves by helping others.

We are creating and supporting a variety of programs aiming to help individuals facing adversity step into advocacy—whether by leaving a simple Message of Hope, sharing their stories through our A2A Spotlight feature, or pursuing the volunteer opportunities we’ll highlight through our adversity-specific Advocacy Resource Centers (ARCs).

What You Can Do

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Showcase the Power of
Turning Adversity into Advocacy

At the core of A2A’s mission is a commitment to showcasing the experiential AND empirical evidence supporting the age-old adage that we help ourselves by helping others.

To this end, we are using our resources to share: (1) inspiring personal A2A stories, through our Spotlight and other transmedia features; and (2) the latest research on such A2A principles as purpose, service, empathy, and resilience–compiled in conjunction with the U.C. Berkeley Greater Good Science Center and researchers at other leading universities.

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