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What are your definitions of adversity and advocacy?

At A2A, we define adversity as “a personal hardship that challenges, but does not define, an individual.”

We define advocacy as “the act of employing one’s unique experiences, talents, and empathy in support of others.”

What is an adversity-driven advocate?

An adversity-driven advocate is someone who has chosen to be of service to others with a challenge similar to his or her own.

How does someone become an A2A Advocate?

Our A2A Advocates are leaders in their adversity communities and share our commitment to helping others step into advocacy. While we always welcome nominations for new Alliance advocates, we are currently limiting the size and scope of our network, and therefore unable to accommodate all nominees. In the meantime, we are working to create a variety of other ways to share the inspiring stories of adversity-driven advocates.

Why does the A2A Alliance only represent certain adversities?

We at A2A believe that the power of turning adversity into advocacy is universal, and our goal is to represent as many adversities as possible—both through our Alliance Advocates and our adversity-specific Advocacy Resource Centers (ARCs).

While we currently represent roughly twenty adversities, we hope to double that figure in the coming months.

Why should I become an A2A Ally?

Because you can make a huge difference in 30 seconds, simply by declaring your support for the A2A mission and the courageous A2A Advocates who are leading the way from adversity into advocacy. We will add your name to our Wall of Allies, so our advocates–and those whom they inspire into advocacy–can see just how supported they are. You can also opt to receive our free enewsletter, A2A in Action, and keep up on our latest projects. Thank you in advance for helping out!

Are you looking for volunteers?

Always! We are an all-volunteer organization, and we rely on the generous support of our volunteers. Much of our volunteer work is “virtual” and involves helping us spread the word about A2A. If you’re interested in helping out, please drop us a note at info@A2Aalliance.org.