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A2A Research Showcase: How Acts of Kindness Boost Your Mood

By Chris Mackey | August 7, 2017

Engaging in acts of kindness is one of the more reliable ways of boosting our mood.

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A2A Research Showcase: Research-Based App Builds Empathy in Teens

By Megan A. Moreno | August 16, 2017

Researchers have built a new app to promote child health and wellness by teaching them empathy.

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A2A Research Showcase: Overcoming Obstacles Makes Guide Dogs More Successful

By Michele Berger and Katherine Unger Baillie | August 7, 2017

New research finds that puppies who undergo obstacles at an early age are more likely to make successful guide dogs […]

A2A Research Showcase: Adversity Helps Athletes Thrive Under Pressure

Nottingham Trent University | July 24, 2017

New research suggests that athletes who have experienced adverse events in their personal lives – such as parental divorce, financial problems or a serious accident […]