A2A 1-on-1 Interview with Dr. Kristin Neff

Liz Saint John talks one-on-one with Dr. Kristin Neff. Dr. Neff is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and author of Self-Compassion. Dr. Neff was the first to define and measure self-compassion and is widely recognized as one of the leading […]

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A2A 1-on-1 Interview with Allan Luks

Liz Saint John talks one-on-one with Allan Luks, Director Emeritus of the Fordham University Center for Nonprofit Leaders and author of four books, including The Healing Power of Doing Good about volunteerism and how it can benefit one’s emotional and physical wellbeing.


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Shaylynn Hayes

A2A host Liz Saint John talks one on one with Shaylynn Hayes, author of Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering with MisophoniaShaylynn has also worked on Misophoniaawareness.org, a site that helps sufferers of the disorder advocate for themselves, and is the co-founder of […]

James Doty

Liz Saint John talks one-on-one with Dr. James Doty, author of Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart, about compassion and altruism.



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Helen Riess

A2A 1-on-1 host Liz Saint John talks with Dr. Helen Riess, Director of the Empathy and Relational Science Program at Mass General Hospital and co-founder of Empathetics Inc., about the science of empathy, and empathy’s role in practitioner-patient relationships.



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Victor J. Strecher

A2A 1-on-1 host Liz Saint John talks with author of Life on Purpose Vic Strecher, Ph.D., MPH, about his work, the unexpected loss of his daughter Julia, and learning to live every day as though it’s the last–with purpose.


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Dr. Stephen Post

Liz Saint John talks one-on-one with Dr. Stephen Post, best-selling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Life by the Simple Act of Giving and highly regarded speaker.


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Marie Aprile

A2A host Liz Saint John talks one-on-one with Marie Aprile, a TV director with multiple hereditary exostoses (MHE), a rare bone disease characterized by pain, growth deformities and benign bone tumors that have the chance of becoming malignant. Marie shares how having this rare disease led her to advocate […]

Rasheda Kamaria Williams: Bullying Advocate

Liz Saint John talks with Rasheda Kamaria about her experience with being bullied and harassed, and how she turned her life’s adversities into advocacy through Empowered Flower Girl, the social enterprise she founded; public speaking; and her guidebook, Be Empowered: How to Live Above & Beyond Life’s Drama.


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Mary Wilson

A2A 1-on-1 host Liz Saint John talks one-on-one with Mary Wilson about her experience living with OCD and how she’s turned adversity into advocacy with blogs, poems and essays, and improv.