Spotlight – Nora McInerny Purmort

A2A Spotlight feature on Nora McInerny Purmort, as heard on KCBS and other CBS Radio News affiliates


A2A Alliance founder Jeff Bell spotlights author Nora McInerny Purmort and her efforts to help people battling adversity tell their stories.

To learn more about Nora’s advocacy, please […]

A2A Spotlight – Brad Bulla

A2A feature on Brad Bulla as heard on KCBS Radio:


A2A Alliance founder Jeff Bell profiles bluegrass musician Brad Bulla and his efforts to raise awareness of the consequences of drunk and drugged driving.

To learn more about Brad Bulla’s advocacy, please visit the following sites:

Spotlight: Taryn Davis

A2A feature on Taryn Davis as heard on KCBS Radio:


A2A Spotlight: A2A founder Jeff Bell talks with Taryn Davis, founder of the nonprofit American Widow Project about loss, resilience, and redefining what it means to be a military widow.

To learn more about The American Widow Project, visit the […]

A2A Spotlight: Lennon Flowers

A2A feature on Lennon Flowers as heard on KCBS Radio:


A2A Spotlight: A2A Alliance founder Jeff Bell speaks with The Dinner Party co-founder Lennon Flowers about her unique advocacy on behalf of young men and women who have suffered loss.

To learn more about The Dinner Party, please click

A2A Spotlight: The Wright Family

A2A feature on The Wright Family as heard on KCBS Radio:


A2A Spotlight: A2A Founder Jeff Bell speaks with Holly Wright about the loss of her young daughter to brain cancer and the foundation that her family founded to help support other families who are caring for a child […]

A2A Spotlight: Denis Asselin

A2A founder Jeff Bell speaks with BDD- and OCD-awareness advocate Denis Asselin about the loss of his son to body dysmorphic disorder and his subsequent outreach through Walking with Nathaniel and The International OCD Foundation. Learn more about Denis’s latest ambitious walk and how you can support him through […]