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A2A Stories (noun, pl): inspiring personal accounts of individuals who have turned some form of adversity into some form of advocacy on behalf of others with similar adversities.

Because we help ourselves by helping others

A2A Spotlight

For roughly four years, A2A founder and KCBS Radio news anchor Jeff Bell profiled remarkable individuals who turned a physical, mental, or other life challenge into advocacy on behalf of others facing a similar challenge. These 90-second audio features aired on KCBS Radio in San Francisco and were distributed nationally by CBS News Radio.

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A2A Stories Podcast

While our A2A Spotlight features introduced radio listeners to some of the nation’s leading adversity-driven advocates, our weekly From Adversity to Advocacy Podcasts provide in-depth conversations with these same remarkable individuals.

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A2A’s Psychology Today blog explores the power of turning adversity into advocacy and the emerging science behind the notion that “we help ourselves by helping others”. Our blogs showcase research on the transformative power of service, purpose, resilience, and empathy.


A2A’s 1-on-1 interviews, conducted by professional journalists, offer emerging adversity-driven advocates a chance to share their stories—often for the first time with a national audience. The series also includes conversations with leading researchers who are studying the power of service, purpose, resilience, and empathy.


A2A has partnered with The Mighty for a FaceTime Live Stream initiative through which adversity-driven advocates share their inspiring stories live and take questions from online viewers.

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