Welcome to the A2A Transplant Advocacy Resource Center (ARC), an outreach project of the nonprofit Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance, aiming to help individuals impacted by transplant step into transplant advocacy.

We hope you’ll be inspired by our A2A Advocates impacted by transplant, and we invite you to listen to our A2A Spotlight features and A2A 1-on-1 interviews sharing powerful stories of how individuals impacted by transplant are turning adversity into advocacy.

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Meet our A2A Advocates

Jessica Melore

Jessica Melore

Jessica Melore Adversity: Suffered a heart attack, organ failure, amputation, and cancer Advocacy: Became a public health advocate & international motivational speaker on overcoming adversity "I try to live my life to the fullest, to be an example that...

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A2A Spotlight Features

A2A Spotlight: Jessica Melore

A2A Spotlight: Jessica Melore

A2A feature on Jessica Melore as heard on KCBS Radio:   A2A Spotlight Interview: A2A founder Jeff Bell speaks with Jessica Melore--survivor of a massive heart attack, leg amputation, heart transplant, and cancer--about her remarkable journey from adversity to...